Lefty and Crabbe catapults audience back to 1920s Vaudeville Era

Production: Fringe Festival, 2015
Publication/writer: AXS, Bob Evans
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A flashback to Vaudeville, the early days of motion pictures, and the time of radio comedy shows springs back to life with the new play, “The Ballad of Lefty and Crabbe,” as part of the Kansas City Fringe Festival 2015. The show plays at The Living Room.

Line up early or pre-purchase tickets for this musical comedy that's selling out and generating standing ovations at the KC Fringe Festival. The Living Room, one of the smaller venues, only seats about 80 persons and lines for tickets grow fast. The one hour show features a musical sound track of Ben Auxier on piano like the days when silent movies featured live piano players to accompany the motion picture. In this case, it’s live action in the days of the early 1920's when Vaudeville was dying and motion pictures were exploding.

Lefty and Crabbe open the story with their act and look at the reality that Vaudeville is dead and that motion pictures are calling. The story examines their friendship and loyalty to each other while obstacles sidetrack them at times. The funny, heart-warming story keeps audiences laughing throughout. Auxier’s ragtime piano compositions set a lively tone for the story.

Give a lot of credit to Michael Hudgens and Seth Macchi who play the leads of Lefty and Crabbe. They resemble an Abbott and Costello team with one thin and the other chubby. Both just shine in the show. They sing, they dance, they act, and most importantly, they command the stage in each of their scenes, together and alone. Their chemistry works as does the story.

Get ready to laugh and smile because Brian Huther, Auxier, and Macchi combined their creative minds and talents to write this happy piece. Huther and Auxier perform regularly at improv events and are well knows as Dog and Friend Dog. Their creative minds always amaze fans. Adding Macchi to the mix for the penning of “The Ballad of Lefty and Crabbe” just shows the strength and depth of their talent.

Do not miss this show. "The Ballad of Lefty and Crabbe" is one of the most fun shows of the KC Fringe. The show is at The Living Room, so plan accordingly to get tickets and not get shut out. The show runs just short of one hour.